Hire Guide

Please note that this page does not constitute our official terms and conditions of hire and merely acts as a guideline indicating the important terms of hire and any applicable additional charges. Our unabridged terms and conditions, which appear on the reverse side of the rental agreement, can be viewed by clicking here.

Driver requirements
Delivery & Collection
Waiver Options

Important Additional Information


Driver Requirements

  • - All drivers must be at least twenty-three (23) years old upon the start date
  • - All drivers must be in possession of a valid unendorsed driver’s license which must have been valid for a minimum of two years.
  • - International driver’s licenses must be translated into English.
  • - All drivers will be required to produce a valid form of identification such as an Identification Book or Passport.
  • - The hirer may nominate up to three (3) additional drivers. There is no additional charge for the first two nominated drivers (the hirer included), however, there is a once-off fee of R600 per driver thereafter.
  • - Please note: The hirer is liable for all risks/charges applicable to usage of the vehicle by any nominated additional driver.


  • - Payment is by credit or cheque (hybrid) card only. Vineyard Car Hire accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Amex but regrettably cannot accept debit cards, cheques or cash.
  • - Vineyard Car Hire accepts Hybrid Cheque Cards as payment. A Hybrid Cheque Card can be defined as: 
    • The card must display a Mastercard or VISA logo. 
    • The customer's name must be embossed on the card;
    • The numbers must be raised on the card as on a credit card with the words "Cheque Card" reflected on the back or front of the card.
  • - Vineyard Car Hire does not store or keep record of the hirer's credit/cheque card. All payments or refunds are executed via a secure payment gateway hosted by Peach Payments (www.peachpayments.com).
  • - It is important to note that the credit card holder is the hirer of the car and must be present with his/her credit card on their possession when signing the Rental Agreement. 
  • - The credit card is not transferable.
  • - In the event that the credit card is due to expire during the course of the hire, the new credit card (with new expiry date) must be presented at the beginning of the hire.
  • - The payment process is as follows: 
    • By clicking on “Book Car” on the Quote page you will be directed to the Payment Gateway where the Total quoted amount will be debited from your credit/cheque card with immediate effect. 
    • A further Security Deposit (as stated on the Quote page) will be debited from your credit/cheque card as security 24 hours prior to the beginning of the rental. This security deposit will be refunded less any ancillary costs e.g. petrol, repair costs etc. once the vehicle has been checked in at our depot at the end of the hire.
    • Vineyard Car Hire reserves the right to debit the hirer's credit/cheque card for a further amount should the hire period be extended during the course of the hire.
  • Cancellation or refund policy:
    • The full amount will be refunded if the hire is cancelled in writing 7 days prior to the agreed start time.
    • Should the booking be cancelled within 7 days of the agreed start time, the full amount will be refunded less two day's hire charge.

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Delivery & Collection

  • - Delivery and collection within the southern suburbs is free of charge, however, there is a nominal charge for all other suburbs with the Cape Peninsula.
  • - The hirer will be charged a delivery and/or collection fee of R400 for any delivery or collection that takes place on a Sunday between 08h00 and 12h00 and R400 for any delivery or collection that takes place on a public holiday between 08h00 and 12h00
  • - Any delivery and collection that does not take place within our normal delivery or collection areas nor within regular office hours must be negotiated between Vineyard Car Hire and the hirer and the delivery/collection fee will be as stipulated by Vineyard Car Hire.
  • - Delivery to the airport is free of charge between the hours of 07h00 and 19h00.
  • - The hirer will be charged an “out-of-hours” fee of R300.00 for any delivery to the airport between 19h00 and 07h00.
  • - The hirer will be charged an “out-of-hours” fee of R250.00 for any delivery to the airport on a Saturday or Sunday between 13h00 and 19h00.
  • - The hirer will be charged R280.00 if the vehicle is to be collected from the airport at the end of the hire period.
  • - In the event that the vehicle is returned to a city/town other than Cape Town, a one-way drop-off fee will be charged. Please note that the return city/town must be agreed to by Vineyard Car Hire.
  • - A checklist is a document listing any existing damage to the vehicle at the beginning of the hire period.
  • - Vineyard Car Hire will present a checklist to the hirer when handing over the vehicle. Once both parties are satisfied that the checklist is correct, the checklist will be signed by both parties.
  • - In the event of loss or damage to the vehicle incurred during the lease period, a repair or replacement fee will be charged to the hirer or driver.
Waiver Options
  • - All rates quoted include Standard Cover plus an Excess (payable by the hirer in the event of any accident or theft).
  • - The Excess amount is the hirer’s maximum liability in the event of an accident or theft.
  • - The hirer has the option to select Super Cover at an additional cost which will either reduce or waiver the excess amount.
  • - Any breach of the Terms and Conditions will result in all form of cover being considered null and void and the hirer will be responsible for the full value of the loss or damage.
  • - Vineyard Car Hire does not offer Personal Accident Insurance (PAI).
  • - For the avoidance of doubt, please bear in mind that the vehicle shall not be used or driven by the driver:
    • for the conveyance of property or persons for hire;
    • in contravention of any law;
    • in any race, speed test or contest;
    • to propel or tow any other vehicle or trailer;
    • on any road other than a recognised tarred or paved road.
      (Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for the full list of exclusions.)
Important Additional Information
    • The number of days is calculated on a 24 hour basis
    • No vehicles may cross the South African border into another country.
    • Petrol: All rates include maintenance and oil but petrol is not included. Vehicles are supplied with a full tank of petrol at the start of the hire, and on termination of the hire, the vehicle will be filled with petrol by Vineyard Car Hire at the rate as regulated by the South African government and the amount added to the final account. It is important to note that we do not add a fuel levy or re-fueling surcharge.

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